Immerse yourself in a unique experience at our family-owned ecological farm and nature reserve, dedicated to agrotourism. As a family of Argentine-Swedish-Swiss heritage, we planted our roots in Misiones in 2011. Our linguistic diversity extends to English, Swedish, German, and French, enabling us to communicate fluently in all these languages.

At La Lechuza, a holistic vacation awaits, blending the magnificence of the Misiones jungle with the authenticity of family farming. Our farm stands out for its wide variety of animals and crops. We base our design on regenerative agriculture and livestock practices, as well as agroforestry. Since 2023, we have been recognized as a Protected Natural Area.

We offer a complex of cozy cabins, fully equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen. Additionally, we have a swimming pool for your enjoyment. We’ve thought of every member of the family, providing a playground, game room, and an area for sunset campfires. The cabins are strategically located between the jungle reserve and the agroforestry orchard. We invite you to explore the orchard and venture onto the jungle trails. Two beautiful waterfalls on the farm are the perfect retreat to cool off during the warmer hours.

Our small restaurant awaits you with a range of regional delights and international dishes. Following the «Farm to Table» approach, we use our own agroecological products or those from local farms to provide you with a unique culinary experience.

Our strategic location in the central-southern area of Misiones, 7 kilometers from Oberá and at a distance of 107 km from Posadas and 288 km from Puerto Iguazú (airports). We are halfway between the Esteros del Iberá and the Iguazú Falls, as well as the Moconá Falls. Encompassing a radius of 40-70 kilometers from the farm, you’ll discover captivating destinations like the Provincial Park de la Cruz, Jesuit ruins, and the Salto Encantado Provincial Park.

La Lechuza Farm is part of the local tourist group Colonia Chapa, which offers hikes, artisan tea excursions, tours of farms and crops, and yoga classes. Additionally, we are members of Chacras Unidas, a network of rural tourism enterprises that will provide you with a variety of experiences along Route 14.

So, be sure to reserve a week to explore and immerse yourself in the heart of Misiones. We guarantee you an all-inclusive vacation, where you can connect with nature, uncover the secrets of Misiones agriculture, and experience the biodiversity of the jungle. Contact us, and we’ll happily guide you through these destinations and your itinerary!